Dec 16

$1,000 Surge in Just a Day!

Wow!  Since Bitcoin futures stated trading, Bitcoin value is rising higher and higher with a $1,000 surge in just a day. This is amazing news for all of us investors.

Bitcoin Price Gear Towards $19,000, Surges by $1,000 in a Single Day

Joseph Young on 16/12/2017
The bitcoin price has increased by more than $1,000 over the past 24 hours and is en route to surpassing the $19,000 mark.

Bitcoin Second Most Popular Keyword on Google in 2017

Google, the world’s most widely utilized search engine, has revealed that bitcoin has been the second most popular keyword on its platform throughout 2017.

As the demand for bitcoin from both casual investors and retail traders increased over the past 12 months, the popularity of bitcoin on search engines and social media platforms surged proportionally.

While the recent surge in the price of bitcoin can be attributed to a variety of factors, the two driving factors of the rise in bitcoin price have likely been the global finance market’s anticipation of CME’s scheduled listing of bitcoin futures on December 18 and the strong performance of alternative cryptocurrencies within the past week.

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