About Linda

I came into this life on September 15, 1949, in Youngstown, Ohio.  I was the first of four children born to my parents, Lloyd Douglas and Betty Ann Huggins. I was happy, creative, talented and curios as a child and still am today.

Other than first grade, all of my schooling was in Florida, including kindergarten. I was fortunate to have dance lessons which included ballet, tap and gymnastics, and also piano.  My mother had dreams of me becoming a ballerina.  I loved to draw and my dream was to be an artist and live in Paris so I took French in high school although Spanish would have been more useful here in Florida.  I am neither an artist or a ballerina and quite happy with the person I became.

I will be sharing valuable information on Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency and information on investing and mining.
Until just a few months ago I thought it was a joke but then I started doing my research and now I’m investing and
earning around 1% daily passive income daily.  My retirement is finally secure.



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