About Linda

I came into this life on September 15, 1949, in Youngstown, Ohio.  I was the first of four children born to my parents, Lloyd Douglas and Betty Ann Huggins. I was happy, creative, talented and curios as a child and still am today.

Other than first grade, all of my schooling was in Florida, including kindergarten. I was fortunate to have dance lessons which included ballet, tap and gymnastics, and also piano.  My mother had dreams of me becoming a ballerina.  I loved to draw and my dream was to be an artist and live in Paris so I took French in high school although Spanish would have been more useful here in Florida.  I am neither an artist or a ballerina and quite happy with the person I became. I love to cook tasty, healthy food, organic as much as possible, and I’ve been baking bread for over 4 years, mainly Sourdough with a starter that I made from scratch.  I even make deserts on occasion including some from my grandmothers’ collections.

I never was a fussy eater, ever. I always loved to be in the kitchen while mom was cooking. Even better than that was being in either of my grandmas kitchen when they were cooking because they both made different things than my mom. All three were excellent cooks and I learned from all of them.

My mom went to work when I was 10. Most days I would start supper after school so we wouldn’t have to wait so long to eat.  I could make a meatloaf, start a pot roast or stick chicken in the oven and peel potatoes to boil for mashed. I really enjoyed it.
Even learned how to make spaghetti sauce from scratch.


I will share with you many of the healthy lifestyle ideas and tips that I have learned through the years along with my favorite recipes, some my own and some from other sources.




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