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Name: Linda Paulk
Date registered: June 27, 2015


I'm an internet marketer/blogger living in South Florida with my wonderful husband, Rocky Paulk. We have several fur babies(rescued cats) and are doing our best to live an organic lifestyle with no processed or fast foods, no GMO's or meats raised in cages with hormones and antibiotics. Vegetables and fruits are organic. I bake our bread with organic ingredients. It's a sourdough made from my own starter and it's delicious.

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  2. Frozen treats for the summer heat. — July 19, 2017
  3. Eating lighter in the summer heat. — July 14, 2017
  4. What about that glass (or two) of wine? — June 10, 2017
  5. 6 Reasons Tilapia Farming is Dangerous to Your Health — June 9, 2017

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Aug 15

Summer’s almost over!

That’s good news for me.  I love the fall. We all get back into a routine and look forward to soups, stews and roasted foods. I am back and will be posting tips, great recipes, lunch box goodies and treats for the upcoming holidays.

Jul 19

Frozen treats for the summer heat.

We all love to have a cold, frozen treat to help bet the summer heat.  I’ve always been confused about sherbets and sorbets.  They are not the same and I found an article to set us all straight. What’s the Difference Between Sorbet and Sherbet? With all the fruity, frozen dessert options, it’s easy to …

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Jul 14

Eating lighter in the summer heat.

I was wondering if most people are like me and choose to eat “lighter” meals in the summer.  It seems that people do change their eating habits as well as cooking methods.  I found the perfect article. Barbecue your way to health this summer By JESSICA R. KEY People have already begun to pull out …

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Jun 10

What about that glass (or two) of wine?

  Since it’s Saturday and many of us will be enjoying a relaxing meal with our spouse or friend I started wondering how many of you have heard that you should give it up if you want to lose weight. My own experience over the years has led me to believe that this is false. …

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Jun 09

6 Reasons Tilapia Farming is Dangerous to Your Health

I have known about the dangers of Tilapia for several years and have not eaten it since I saw a documentary on how it is raised.  I’ve seen so many recipes using Tilapia and I know of many people who still include it in their diet along with Canola Oil, another health disaster.  I found …

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Jun 08

Fad Diets

What is a fad diet? A fad diet is one that promises quick weight loss without exercise. They are unbalanced and unhealthy.  Sure, you will lose some  weight quickly but it’s not a fat loss which is what you really want.  It’s just  water weight. Fad diets are not healthy and don’t result in long-term …

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Jun 04


A healthy lifestyle is about balance.  It’s more than just what we eat although good nutrition is an important factor. We must also get the proper amount of sleep, recreation, exercise and  personal development.  In addition it is  important to have a healthy social life as well as personal relationships and a close friend or …

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Jun 01

Do you like to eat?

  I don’t know about you, but I love food and I love to eat and tasty food is a passion. I don’t believe I would ever be able to eliminate any entire group of foods from my diet.  Take carbs for example.  I love pasta.  Not just spaghetti and meatballs but the kind of …

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