Oct 13

Bitcoin Heading Quickly to $6,000.

Markets Update: Bitcoin’s Price Peaks Past $5800 Across Global Exchanges.  Soon to be $6,000.

Are you invested?

The price of bitcoin has finally surpassed the $5K territory after a few teases this past spring and summer. During the earlier hours of October 12, bitcoin’s market value spiked past the $5,000 range and has reached an all-time high of $5846 per BTC across popular global exchanges. Bitcoin’s pathway to $6K is within sight. 

Bitcoin Blasts Past Major Resistance Moving Into Uncharted Price Territory

The price of bitcoin (BTC/XBT) has touched a high of $5,846 as it has continued to climb in value relentlessly all day. Presently, bitcoin trade volume is strong with $3.4B in daily trade volume and hasn’t let up since the bull run started. A few hours after the quick jump to around $5,200-5,300 today there was a small amount of profit-taking and sell off, but it didn’t last long. Bitcoin’s price soared between 10-11 pm EDT as buyers hammered away at bids to the $5,800 zone. The high was followed by a significant drop back down to the $5,550-5,600 territory, at press time the market value seems to be consolidating in this region.

Source:  https://news.bitcoin.com/markets-update-bitcoins-price-peaks-past-5800-across-global-exchanges/

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