Oct 19

Bitcoin Rebounds Quickly

After a slight drop in value for a day, Bitcoin has surged upward quickly with a $600 increase today.

Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Storms Back to $5,725

Samburaj Das on 19/10/2017

Bitcoin price is catching wind again, gaining over $600 less than a day to hit a high of $5,725 on Thursday

After yesterday’s retreat to 7-day low of $5,114 (Bitfinex), bitcoin price is now buoyant again as it resumes trading closer to its all-time highs. Bitcoin’s USD value struck yesterday low at 14:15 (GMT) before trading took a positive turn to end the day near $5,575. Momentum stuck on Thursday as trading shot past $5,600 in the early hours before registering a high of $5,725 near 11:00 AM. Altogether, bitcoin price has gained nearly 12% since its lowest point yesterday.

At the time of publishing, bitcoin is trading to the dollar at $5,683.9 on Bitfinex.


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