Jan 23

On the Asian Cryptocurrency Market

Bitcoin is booming in Cambodia.  Take a look at this article just in from  of The Merkle.

Cambodia Is Home to a Booming Bitcoin Industry

Cambodia is not a country most people would associate with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. It is one of those nations which one hardly ever hears anything from, unless it has to do with civil unrest. Contrary to what people believe, there is a genuine cryptocurrency culture in Cambodia these days. Moreover, most investors and miners are not overly worried about the country’s national bank issuing warnings regarding Bitcoin.


It seems there are quite a few reasons as to why Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are taking off in Cambodia. There has been some localized mining activity since the early days of Bitcoin, even though a lot of coins have been lost in the process as well. People have been having issues with lost wallets or private keys for as long as one can remember, and that situation is no different in Cambodia. At the same time, it seems the cryptocurrency craze is only now taking off in this country.

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