Nov 04

Coinbase Adds Record Numbers Of Users

With the rapid increase in the value of Bitcoin, Thousands of people are getting on board and signing up with cryptocurrency exchanges.  There are many with Coinbase being very popular and the one I use.  Over 100,000 joined Coinbase in just a day.

Coinbase Adds 100,000 New Users in a Day Following Bitcoin’s Price Rally

Francisco Memoria on 04/11/2017

Bitcoin’s recent price stampede, which reached a new all-time high above $7,350, clearly demonstrates how the cryptocurrency ecosystem has been growing. For popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, things are seemingly great as well, as data suggests it just added over 100,000 new users in a single day.

According to data collected by a portfolio manager at the Atlanta Digital Currency Fund, Alistair Milne, the exchange’s growth has been notable throughout the year, with it reaching a record user growth on Tuesday. Data further suggests its number of users has more than doubled since the beginning of the year, as at press time Coinbase’s website points to 11.9 million users.

Nov 03

Bitcoin Futures Coming to Argentina

There is so much going on with Bitcoin this week.   I just read this from Cryptocoins News.

Argentina’s largest futures market is getting ready to dip its toes into the bitcoin ecosystem.

Bitcoin is Coming to Rofex, Argentina’s Largest Futures Market

Josiah Wilmoth on 03/11/2017

As Bloomberg reports, the Mercado de Termino de Rosario — more commonly known as Rofex — is preparing to formally announce the addition of digital currency services to its platform. Following months of conversations, Rofex executives have created a preliminary framework that reportedly includes custody services, as well as the ability for clients to stake bitcoin as collateral for futures contracts. The formal announcement is expected to come by the end of the year.

Rofex is the second American futures market to reveal this week that it intends to begin engaging with the burgeoning crypto economy. U.S. exchange operator CME Group announced this week that it would become the first regulated U.S. exchange to offer bitcoin futures, but the Rofex proposal stops short of short of adding bitcoin futures contracts.

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Nov 02

Bitcoin Climbs Higher and Higher

With Bitcoin soaring to $7,152 today it is very likely to reach the $10,000 mark before the end of 2017.  This is very exciting for all investors. I woke to this breaking story from Cyptocoins News.

$7,150: Bitcoin Price Achieves New All-Time High, is $10,000 Possible by 2017

Joseph Young on 02/11/2017
Earlier today, on November 2, the bitcoin price achieved a new all-time high at $7,150, entering the $7,000 region for the first time in history.
In the past three days, the market has shown absolute confidence in the mid-term trend and performance of bitcoin, given the announcement of CME, the largest options exchange in the world, to launch a bitcoin futures exchange by the end of 2017, and the increased probability of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approving a bitcoin ETF by mid-2018.

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Oct 30

Starting The Week On A High Note…

Bitcoin prices have fluctuated over the past week or so after a previous high of just over $6,200 and are now starting this week on a high note, soaring to $6,345. on Monday.

This just in from Cryptocoins News:

Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Hits New All-Time High Above $6,300

Samburaj Das on 30/10/2017

Another week, another all-time high for the world’s most popular cryptocurrency as bitcoin price peaks above $6,300.

It has been 10 days since prices advanced to unprecedented levels above $6,200 and the growing adoption and appetite for bitcoin has propelled prices beyond $6,300 following another record-breaking weekend. In the late hours of Sunday (UTC), bitcoin price touched a new record high of $6,345.


Oct 26

Bitcoin Rebound

After an early week slump, Bitcoin rose nearly $500 today with a jump to $5,948. I believe the hard fork was responsible to the slump.  Lets see what Samburaj Das has to say in his latest post on Cryptocoins News

It has been a day of gains for bitcoin price in Thursday’s trading as price struck $5,848 following a sharp spike before midday (UTC).

Bitcoin prices slipped this week following the Bitcoin Gold hard fork, leading to a sell-off by traders to stake their bets on altcoins. However, a lack of support for the new cryptocurrency has seen traders flock back to bitcoin with prices recovering after a week-long slump which saw price strike a low of $5,365 (Bitfinex) yesterday.

On Thursday, bitcoin price has continued its climb to reach a high of $5,848 at press time, gaining $483 from its lowest level yesterday.


Oct 25

Bitcoin Is Changing Lives

I’ve been hearing what I call rags to riches stories of how peoples lives are changing with bitcoin.  I know mine has changed since I got involved with Bitcoin investing/mining.  Take a look at this article I just read in

OCT 24, 2017

How Bitcoin Broke Australian Man’s Debt Cycle, Liberated Him From Banks

How Bitcoin Broke Australian Man’s Debt Cycle, Liberated Him From Banks

Bitcoin has been touted as the currency for the people as its decentralized platform allows for its users to be free of the banking monopoly with their exorbitant fees and charges.

Crippling debt cycles and unbreakable lending policies which are not conducive to economic empowerment have long dogged society forcing the new generation to seek alternative; this is where Bitcoin has come in.

Now, a man in Townsville, Australia, has become a proof of concept for the economic freedomBitcoin can provide by paying off his mortgage and is funding the development of a new home through profits generated through investing in Bitcoin.

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Oct 24

How High Will Bitcoin Go?

Nothing is impossible and it looks like the sky’s the limit if predictions by analyst Ronnie Moas are correct.

Bitcoin Price to Hit $50,000 & Catch Apple’s $800 Billion Market Cap by 2022, Says Previously Accurate Analyst

Samburaj Das on 24/10/2017

An analyst who previously predicted bitcoin price to hit $5,000 this year, has gone bullish again to claim bitcoin will overtake Apple’s $800 billion market cap within five years.

Earlier in June, stock analyst and founder of Standpoint Research Ronnie Moas predicted bitcoin price to hit $5,000 within a few months at a time when the cryptocurrency was trading near $2,600. Now, the stock picker has hedged his bet on the cryptocurrency market to hit $2 trillion in the coming years that will effectively see bitcoin rise to 12x its price today above $50,000.

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Oct 23

Bitcoin Is Heading Toward 10k

As we start this new work week I’m wondering how fast Bitcoin will reach the $10,000 mark. We are starting the week right at $6,000 and given the growth over the past few months, I believe it could happen by the end of  the year.

Here is an article I read in News by  C. Edward Kelso

What a difference just a few months make. Once viewed as a plaything for cryptoanarchists and cypherpunks now has become the talk of professional investment communities and media. As of this writing, bitcoin (BTC) has touched 6,000 USD in price. A recent survey suggests $10,000 per BTC is not out of the question. 


$10,000 Not as Crazy as Once Thought

Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) ran an unscientific survey, polling its online readers with the question, “Where does bitcoin go from here?”

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Oct 21

No Weekend Slump

Bitcoin’s record-setting run continued on Saturday, as the bitcoin price touched the $6,200 mark to set a new all-time high.

Josiah Wilmoth on 21/10/2017

Bitcoin Price Climbs to $6,200

On Friday, bitcoin shocked analysts and investors alike when it made a sudden run from $5,650 to $6,000 following a day of sideways trading. It fluctuated around that level leading into the weekend, and on Saturday it fought its way through the $6,100 barrier, eventually extending as high as $6,200 on Bitfinex.

At present, the bitcoin price is trading at a global average of $6,189, although BTC/KRW has already risen to an equivalent price of $6,308 on Korean exchange Bithumb.

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Oct 20

Bitcoin Shatters It’s Record High

Bitcoin just broke the $6,000. mark to reach a new all time high of $6054. today.  Exciting news as I just purchase more last night.

Josiah Wilmoth on 20/10/2017

Bitcoin Price Storms Past $6,000

After a week of volatility, the bitcoin price had appeared to settle down to a stable level on Friday. That, however, was just the calm before the storm. After consolidating support at the $5,650 mark, the bitcoin price began to soar, crossing the $5,700, $5,800, and $5,900 checkpoints in quick succession

At 15:00 UTC, Bitfinex experienced an explosion in trading volume, carrying the bitcoin price over the $6,000 to set a new all-time high of $6,054.

This historic rally carried bitcoin past another significant milestone: a $100 billion market cap. As recently as September 15, the combined value of all cryptocurrency market caps was just $99 billion. Now, bitcoin has exceeded that mark on its own. Bitcoin now boasts a dominant 57% share of the total crypto market cap, which currently sits just under $175 billion.

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