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Jan 19

Cryptocurrency is Changing Lives in South Korea

Continuing on cryptocurrcies in South Korea, to a look at this from Kevin Helms of Bitcoin News.   Commission Income From Crypto Accounts Jumped 36 Times for South Korean Banks South Korean banks have been providing virtual account services to cryptocurrency exchanges and earning commissions from them. According to data obtained by the country’s Financial …

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Jan 18

New Bitcoin Mining Facility in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach has always been called a place for lovers.  Now it’s becoming a hotbed if Bitcoin activity. I just read this article by C. Edward Kelso of Bitcoin News. Virginia Beach, Virginia isn’t exactly known as a hotbed of bitcoin mining activity, but that appears to be changing, and soon. A local company has …

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Nov 13

Millennials Get It!

AS you should know by now, Millennials understand everything technical and Bitcoin is no exception. On the other hand, those older than 65 have more faith in the banks and traditional money (fiat currency). Kai Sedgwick Millennials Are Big On Bitcoin (But Over 65s Not So Sure) It’s become fashionable to malign millennials for killing everything …

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Nov 09

The End of Money As We Know It

Bitcoin has true value that will continue to increase with demand as there is a limited supply.  The dollar (and other fiat currency) on the other hand continues to lose value due to the fact that they just print more.  There is no real value with it any more and it will soon become obsolete. …

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Oct 23

Bitcoin Is Heading Toward 10k

As we start this new work week I’m wondering how fast Bitcoin will reach the $10,000 mark. We are starting the week right at $6,000 and given the growth over the past few months, I believe it could happen by the end of  the year. Here is an article I read in Bitcoin.com News by  C. …

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Oct 13

Bitcoin Heading Quickly to $6,000.

Markets Update: Bitcoin’s Price Peaks Past $5800 Across Global Exchanges.  Soon to be $6,000. Are you invested? The price of bitcoin has finally surpassed the $5K territory after a few teases this past spring and summer. During the earlier hours of October 12, bitcoin’s market value spiked past the $5,000 range and has reached an …

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