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Nov 13

Bitcoins Rebounds After A Weekend Tumble

Bitcoin is usually a little wobbly on the weekends and this weekend was no exception. On the other side of the coin so to speak, Bitcoin Cash saw it highest increase to date.. Let’s take a look at the latest report from Cryptocoins News. Rollercoaster Weekend: Bitcoin Price Falls From $7,300 to $5,600 and Rebounds …

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Nov 09

The End of Money As We Know It

Bitcoin has true value that will continue to increase with demand as there is a limited supply.  The dollar (and other fiat currency) on the other hand continues to lose value due to the fact that they just print more.  There is no real value with it any more and it will soon become obsolete. …

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Nov 04

Coinbase Adds Record Numbers Of Users

With the rapid increase in the value of Bitcoin, Thousands of people are getting on board and signing up with cryptocurrency exchanges.  There are many with Coinbase being very popular and the one I use.  Over 100,000 joined Coinbase in just a day. Coinbase Adds 100,000 New Users in a Day Following Bitcoin’s Price Rally …

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Oct 30

Starting The Week On A High Note…

Bitcoin prices have fluctuated over the past week or so after a previous high of just over $6,200 and are now starting this week on a high note, soaring to $6,345. on Monday. This just in from Cryptocoins News: Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Hits New All-Time High Above $6,300 Samburaj Das on 30/10/2017 Another week, another all-time high …

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Oct 26

Bitcoin Rebound

After an early week slump, Bitcoin rose nearly $500 today with a jump to $5,948. I believe the hard fork was responsible to the slump.  Lets see what Samburaj Das has to say in his latest post on Cryptocoins News It has been a day of gains for bitcoin price in Thursday’s trading as price …

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Oct 25

Bitcoin Is Changing Lives

I’ve been hearing what I call rags to riches stories of how peoples lives are changing with bitcoin.  I know mine has changed since I got involved with Bitcoin investing/mining.  Take a look at this article I just read in Cointelegraph.com. OCT 24, 2017 By Darryn Pollock How Bitcoin Broke Australian Man’s Debt Cycle, Liberated …

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Oct 24

How High Will Bitcoin Go?

Nothing is impossible and it looks like the sky’s the limit if predictions by analyst Ronnie Moas are correct. Bitcoin Price to Hit $50,000 & Catch Apple’s $800 Billion Market Cap by 2022, Says Previously Accurate Analyst Samburaj Das on 24/10/2017 An analyst who previously predicted bitcoin price to hit $5,000 this year, has gone bullish again …

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Oct 19

Bitcoin Rebounds Quickly

After a slight drop in value for a day, Bitcoin has surged upward quickly with a $600 increase today. Newsflash: Bitcoin Price Storms Back to $5,725 Samburaj Das on 19/10/2017 Bitcoin price is catching wind again, gaining over $600 less than a day to hit a high of $5,725 on Thursday After yesterday’s retreat to 7-day low …

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Oct 17

Is It Possible That Bitcoin Is Undervalued?

I just read this interesting article by David Dinkins, a writer at Cointelegraph.com.  I’m fascinated with the possibility. Ultra-Rich Investor Trace Mayer Predicts Bitcoin Price Will Reach $27,395 in Just Four Months   Trace Mayer tweeted that he believes Bitcoin is currently undervalued, and that his target price for this coming February (only four months …

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Oct 12

Bitcoin Reaches A New High Over $5,200

I made another investment into Bitcoin yesterday.  So exciting to wake up this morning to see that Bitcoin has soared to over $5,200.  Awesome increase in my investments in just a day. Bitcoin hit a new record high Thursday with rising investor interest causing a rally for the price of the cryptocurrency. The bitcoin price hit …

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