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Jan 23

On the Asian Cryptocurrency Market

Bitcoin is booming in Cambodia.  Take a look at this article just in from JP Buntinx of The Merkle. Cambodia Is Home to a Booming Bitcoin Industry  JP Buntinx  January 23, 2018  Crypto, News Cambodia is not a country most people would associate with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. It is one of those nations which one hardly ever hears anything from, …

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Nov 15

Bitcoin Is Mainstream

Bitcoin’s continued rise has attracted Wall Street and the Futures market.  It’s no longer limited to the Dark Web for drug dealers and other underhanded tradings.  Some of the information in this article is not accurate.  Bitcoin did not fall to $1200 in September, for example, but I wanted to share it anyway. Why Bitcoin …

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Nov 09

The End of Money As We Know It

Bitcoin has true value that will continue to increase with demand as there is a limited supply.  The dollar (and other fiat currency) on the other hand continues to lose value due to the fact that they just print more.  There is no real value with it any more and it will soon become obsolete. …

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Oct 11

Investors Are Making The Switch To Bitcoin

It’s not surprising that major investments are being made to Bitcoin.  I’m earning daily with my investments and compounding  my profits into more Bitcoins. Today’s news from Cointelegraph.com Joseph Young Why Investors are Going All-In on Bitcoin: Major Japanese Crypto Exchange CEO Yuzo Kano, the CEO at Bitflyer, Japan’s largest cryptocurrency exchange with over 800,000 active …

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Oct 07

Is China’s Ban on Bitcoin Coming to an End?

The Chinese government will likely resume cryptocurrency trading in the upcoming months with necessary Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) systems in place. Earlier this week, Xinhua, the state-owned news publication of China, revealed that the Chinese government is concerned with criminal activities surrounding cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. It emphasized that cryptocurrencies have …

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