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Jan 19

Cryptocurrency is Changing Lives in South Korea

Continuing on cryptocurrcies in South Korea, to a look at this from Kevin Helms of Bitcoin News.   Commission Income From Crypto Accounts Jumped 36 Times for South Korean Banks South Korean banks have been providing virtual account services to cryptocurrency exchanges and earning commissions from them. According to data obtained by the country’s Financial …

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Jan 18

New Bitcoin Mining Facility in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach has always been called a place for lovers.  Now it’s becoming a hotbed if Bitcoin activity. I just read this article by C. Edward Kelso of Bitcoin News. Virginia Beach, Virginia isn’t exactly known as a hotbed of bitcoin mining activity, but that appears to be changing, and soon. A local company has …

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Jan 04

Body Heat Mining

I have just read this interesting article by Jamie Redman of Bitcoin News and am very excited to share it with you. It’s fascinating! Cryptocurrencies may be bringing us closer to a world of singularity and the Matrix more than we can imagine. One experiment designed by Manuel Beltrán aims to bring humans closer to …

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Jan 02

2017 Brought Bitcoin to Business

I believe Bitcoin really hit main stream in 2017 and businesses started getting on board. Adding Bitcoin to the futures market and the NYSE caused a huge rise in it’s value.  Bitcoin could no longer be ignored as you will read in the following article by Patrick Thompson Bitcoin Adoption by Businesses in 2017 2017 …

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Jan 01

Tax Time Cometh…

It’s time to start thinking about the tax man.  The IRS says Cryptocurrency is property and must be taxed.  Here is an article that may help to clear some of the confusion. Ten Tax Tips for Cryptocurrency: Expert Blog Robert W. Wood 1.  Remember, it’s property. You might not agree with the IRS, but the …

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Dec 16

$1,000 Surge in Just a Day!

Wow!  Since Bitcoin futures stated trading, Bitcoin value is rising higher and higher with a $1,000 surge in just a day. This is amazing news for all of us investors. Bitcoin Price Gear Towards $19,000, Surges by $1,000 in a Single Day Joseph Young on 16/12/2017 The bitcoin price has increased by more than $1,000 over the …

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Dec 14

Do you have the right Apps on your phone?

If you’re serious about your Bitcoins, you really need to read this article by Kai Sedgwick from Bitcoin.com. 10 Bitcoin Apps That Everyone Should Have Owning a smartphone, like owning bitcoin, is obligatory these days. All the cool kids are doing it, along with all the uncool kids who were hodling hard back when bitcoin …

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Nov 28

Billionaire’s Prediction For 2018

We are just a month out from the start of 2018.  I am excited reading this today.  I have tripled my original invest over the past 4 months, just with the increase in the value of Bitcoin. But I didn’t stop there.  I am investor so I earn daily on my investments. Let’s take a …

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Nov 26

Bitcoin Crushing $9,000 Today

As an investor, the first thing I do in the morning is check Cointelegraph News.  How exciting to wake this morning to find Bitcoin had crossed the $9,000 mark.  Here’s the story from Jon Buck. Bitcoin Crushes $9,000 on Growing Signs of Mainstream Adoption, Wall Street Interest Bitcoin has officially hit the $9,000 mark today, as …

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Nov 21

Bitcoin Tops $8,000

Bitcoin topped $8000 on Monday and continues it climb today reaching $8339.  How high will it go as we near the end of November?   Bitcoin Tops $8,000 As Lightning Triumphs And Cash Flounders By William Suberg Bitcoin price continues to delight investors Monday as the most popular virtual currency breaks and stays above $8,000. The …

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